Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Blame Game

A few days after the International Women's day and we are in the headlines again for all the wrong reasons. A young mother of a three year old boy fell prey to pervert patriarchy. She was working in a pub and dared to travel on the Gurgaon streets after 8 pm. It gets dark in the dingy by-lanes and the authorities sleep by then negligent of their duties towards the citizens, for the taxes we pay them is freely minted green gold doled by women like us who toil in sweat and blood. So no one could guarantee her protection, her basic right to live as a human and not be raped. And then since she worked in a pub, her privilege to walk on the streets in fearlessness was amended and she was branded a slut for no one tried to understand the circumstances that led her to taking up such a job.

And as Ms. Ranjana Kumari said to Hindustan Times The Indian police are the “only force in the world” that directly blames the victim. Their first instinct is not to investigate the attack but to put the victim’s character on trial.
Even before they could assess the gravity of the matter questions like these became mandatory.