Friday, April 20, 2012

I Need Feminism because... (Part 1)

1) I need feminism because I do not associate myself with the theory of "marriageable age", marriage and motherhood as seen by the sick and pretentious people around me. I hold myself in greater worth than a womb and a body. I rather believe in marrying a right guy rather than at the right age.

2) I need feminism because whenever I dare to open my mouth to voice my opinion I am branded a "vagabond" and my parents are blamed for giving me a bad upbringing. I do not buy this typical Indian thought with a smile.

3) I need feminism because after studying for eighteen years in school and five years in college I don't want to flaunt my educational qualifications to find a good groom in the great Indian arranged marriage market.

4) I need feminism because, since I am a woman I don't want my life to be a thoroughfare for people to barge in and give me wisdom about marriage and motherhood, and I always thought those were very personal choices.

5) I need feminism because for not having a boy friend or husband I shouldn't be stereotyped as a lesbian. I think I just need to tell such people that I haven't found the right guy and anyways it is not their business.

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