Friday, April 20, 2012

I Need Feminism because... (Part 2)

1) I need feminism because right from the time people thought I had reached the "marriageable age" I was told to learn marinating a chicken and frying fish. This didn't make sense to me since I am a vegetarian who consumes milk and has spewed at the sight of dead animals from the age of four.

2) I need feminism because I am always called a "feminist poet" by cackling critics while the male poets are just called poets and not male poets or masochist poets. I am not allowed to write about my thoughts on "equality in marriages", "child marriages", "rape", "eve teasing" and such similar issues which have plagued women since ages, since patriarchy thinks we need to adjust to it as the realities of a society we've grown up in.

3) I need feminism because people burst into peels of laughter when I tell them about my Phd and writing scholarship plans. They say forming a husband welfare organization and enrolling in the mommy welfare roll can help me attain salvation.

4) I need feminism because commitment to my career is laughed off while I am told every now and then to be sincerely dedicated to going the family way.

5) I need feminism because I don't want to give up my dad's name to take up another man's name, and I should be able to name my daughters and sons after my family names for all the pain I'll go through in bearing and rearing them. My heritage and sacrifices during pregnancy should not get lost in the tryst to create a picture perfect family.

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