Monday, April 16, 2012


When I started writing I was typically the "Miss Goody Two Shoes" Cinderella discovering the nuances of the written word to tame my daintiness. And when I read Love in Verses recently I could relate to my hey days. Love that was sugar kissed, honey tinted, something that was pretty and pure was my kind of poetry a few years ago.

But there are times faith takes a leap. Again holding no one responsible for the same. It had to happen because it was destined. From there on people were pensive about the changes they saw in me. FEMINIST. Omg! I started penning poems about rapes, child brides, equality in marriages and even riling feminist revolutions.! Hope to see them going into a book someday.

Men and women who knew me, were alarmed. Oh so she she became the man hater, the one doesn't want to make babies? And what if she is a lesbian?
The typical Indian irking thought that has stereotyped feminists as women who are burning with hatred and need to be tamed by a husband or worse so thrown into ovens like the Jews were.

I am bored. No explanations to be given to anyone. I don't need to and they do not deserve it. But then here goes a post on an insight into what a feminist is. I read this somewhere, rephrasing it in my words.

We love our wings and hate to be tied down by beliefs of the old world. Yes we have an opinion about everything, even cricket, ask my male friends and you will know how many discussions of SRT's retirement have happened on my facebook page. Personally I love books and poetry, but yes please do not shy away from calling us street smart. We can pin you down in a fight, verbal of course for physical grit varies from person to person. Please do not flare us up with your opinion about marriage and motherhood, we love being valued for our aspirations and talents and not just our wombs and physical beauty. We would always stand for what is right and do not mind loosing friends in the rat race. And yes we do not judge unnecessarily for hypocrisy' sake.

People think we would settle with a guy who would open the door politely for us in the malls and pay our shopping bills, quietly carrying our heavy bags like a puny pup and would be the one who would always wave the white flag in an argument, then you're mistaken. We believe in equality. Our kind of a twin is what we prefer. A man with a mind.

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