Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tell A Thousand Lies by Rasana Atreya

Book: Tell A Thousand Lies
Author: Rasana Atreya

The kindle version of the book is available here and you can find the trailer of the book here

Tell A Thousand Lies is a wonderful, gripping and Indianized tale of womanism as seen in the 1980's and yes even today, this world hasn't changed much. She begins the story with a background that will make you imagine the characters in skin and blood and from there on she has painted an India in such subtlety and honesty that it will keep your eyes fixed to the pages of the book as if you were on a breathless roller coaster ride. I finished reading the book in two weeks, even though I could have done better had exams not marred into my space. Each chapter is a raw revelation of the hypocrisy and intolerance marring the Indian society and the way how every Indian woman from times immemorial has written the "great adjustment story" in her life to just stay alive.

From talking about how the limited interaction between the men and women has made arranged marriages an act of adventure to describing the ruthless racism Indians indulge in, with their frenzied fanaticism for fair skin, to the look into the superstitious beliefs plaguing the people and the dirty dribble in the Indian political scene.This tale is a must read for every Indian woman who wants an identity for herself beyond her conventional defined roles.

The prologue is what I loved the most in the book and I am quoting it here

""I am not my husband's wife nor my child's mother. Who then am I.?"

Rasana Atreya

I admire the story telling abilities of Rasana who has painted a vivid colorful imagery for the reader while transforming a naive village girl to a celebrated goddess. Reading the book is an experience I will never forget in my lifetime, for each word reminded me of some of my own endevours in life.

My rating 4/5, 1 point goes away for the drags in the story I felt at times.

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Rasana Atreya said...

Thank you, Rinzu, for your kind words! Writing this book was an incredible journey for me!