Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Lost Sheep and Their Shepherd

Activism advances 
on the carriage of change 
amidst colour blindness 
a battalion of buffoons 
play hide and seek 
as per impersonated instructions. 
Cocks crow through lurid loudspeakers 
candle clay drips in convulsion 
as the youth proclaim a parrot's polly 
reciting verses in eruptive excitement 
and follow as a flock of frozen fossils 
behind an ambitious autocrat, 
who they have christened as Messiah 
or a fairy God mother with a magic wand. 

Unmindful of implications that 
vilifies their vulnerability 
impeaching democracy as a drab, 
they launch a leap, thousands of lost sheep, 
the wind blows in the westward wilderness 
requiring revolution in reckless rooting 
they want to cry through corrosion 
but how many of them actually know 
that they themselves are the rusted relics 
of a rotten resolution? 

First published in Poetry 24 here

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