Saturday, May 19, 2012

Another Year Passes By (2012)

"All the days ordained for me
were written in Your book
before one of them came to be."
(Psalm 139:16b, NIV)

Another year passes by and gave more enthusing experiences, good or bad they all gave me a lesson. Let that be brooding over acne that didn't leave me alone even on a single day (I am into healthier habits now!) to a weight gain that made me feel like a pebble bag (Even though others do not call it a winnings to wane over!) to poetry that went to places (Poetry journals and Tagore Birthday commemoration anthology) to a naive blog that is being recognized now (Ink Blots is being featured on Women's Web very often and they also gave me a feature on Reader's Corner, the first one!). Also friends came and went, and misunderstandings were mightier than my pen.
While the digressed days saw me explaining people as to why I wanted to stay single till I possibly could, for marrying someone to please the moral mentors of the society wouldn't fish happiness for me! Who, when and where? I really do not know? Till then hunting for single seater dining spaces in restaurants would be my most favoured activity.

Some lessons learned from last year:-
1)Acne is the baby of a mishappening lifestyle. If they come, we mustn't crib in vain and should try to make the switch. Make an exercise regime that will make you listen to it. As you grow older, your metabolism will mutate to not favour you.
2)Those who are your friends would understand you well. Those who wish to go because of mindless misjudgement aren't friends, they are misogynistic mentors of their mind who think they know anything and everything about life.
3) Opinions are like as*h***s, everyone has one! Why bother about advises not customized to suit your allegories and allusions?
4) Writing should not be your ticket to one moment of fame, don't let spotlights and features get into your head.
5) Take one day at a time. Life can't be planned as per your presumptions, let the Almighty plan each day of your life with surprises.

The year was eventful in more than one way, a few days do make it to my memory as illustrious and important. Thank God! You've always known what is the best for me!

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Lawrence said...

Happy b-day and congratulations. Anyhow, just dropping by here. I came from facebook group Bloggers.

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