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Ah! Poetry by Various Authors

Book: Ah! Poetry.!
Author: Members of Ah! Poetry
Language: English
Publisher: Nivasini Publishers
Date of Publishing: 2012
Price: Rs 150

The anthology offers variety in verses and verbiage with a simple and subtle language that explores all the emotions of the human heart in free verse, rhyming and some other newer invented forms except that love was over exploited in deed and discourse, sometimes bordering somewhere between cliche and originality. So also, in some poems rhymes seems to have been forced. The poets have tried to discover the Indian identity and ideology which reminds you sometimes, of your home state or your favourite Indian food or the social life in the cities or just to say, the simplicity of the rural rustiness.

Abhishek Dua's Two Square Meals A Day stalks the mind of the reader with oxymorons of human emotions plaguing the heart.
Ajinkya Raut's Deflowered explores the lives of sex workers, some that happen due to miseries and others that happen in act of shameless satisfaction.
Akshat Gupta's A packet full of Your Memories is a walk down a lane forgotten and forbidden.
Amanpreet Singh's Vacant Horizons discovers the darker mysteries of life with ease and elan.
Amar Singh' The Day Vision inspires the reader to treat each day as a gift from God.
Amit Charles travels through his grandma's childhood reminding us of hey day innocence with his poem Ammama, Puttu and the Summer Rain.
Amiya Cahtterjee's Middle May explores the good and bad and the middle road running between them.
Anand Madhukar's A letter to my Father pay a tribute to his father's memories that stalked him for a good fifteen years before pouring out in this poem.
Anantha R's I am ready For Marriage talks of a dream theme for a perfect non-plagiarized wedding in these suffocating times of arranged marriages and matrimonial websites.
Anu Cowalgi's Perspectives magnifies the present day scenario in the nation with truthful honesty.
Baljeet Randhawa's A Philosphy of Colours is a poetic perspective of philosophy and its parameters.
Charbak Das magnifies his unsaid memories of love by exploring nature's elements in his poem Sand House.
Deepti Agarwal's Free at Last is a poem delving into suicidal freedom with breath taking beauty.
Dolly Singh's poem A Designer's Muse is a distinctive poem, the kind I haven't read till this day, which poetically pens the kaleidoscopic beauty of the world of fashion.
Hiral Trivedi's To the end of the Tunnel is a lovely collection of short poems talking of a silent suffocating soul wanting to attain nirvana.
Indira Mohanty's poem Love is an an amalgamation of emotions of various hues from red to white to black and even grey.
Jayachandran Ramachandran salutes the supreme sacrifices made by Irom Sarmila Chanu in her fearless fight demanding withdrawl of the AFSPA from Manipur.
Jatin Kuberkar's An Unusual Biography exploits a forsaken love's journey towards nothingness.
Jennifer Robertson makes use of unusual metaphoric images to tell the story of a dream unfulfilled.
Krihsna Dasani's poem Women salutes the power womanhood has been bestowed with gracious charm.
Kunal Sen's poem Vermilion is unusually structured and digs into the elements of an Indian arranged marriage very beautifully.
Leenuka Reddy is a womanist talking of Eve's curse with sad sinister detailing.
Madhav Bhandarkar's Loyal Husband is an exploration of everlasting parting love that doesn't die even with death while Maulik Trivedi respects the yin and yang of fakery and reality in Opaque Reality.
Mayank Sharma is innocence personified in his poem Dedicated to a Bird.
Manish Gautam's Coin in economically worded poetry talking of how life can never be traded for coins.
Mehul Jain skectches his philoshphy of life with attractive adjectives in his poem Life Unexplained..Unexplainable while Nishant Shah's poems Aum had chants of Hindu philosophy driving it.
Nivedita's poems written for her friend is a very honest dedication in the reverence of friendship.
O Sudhir Janardhanan is an imaginative poet with intelligent use of imagery while Payal Aggarwal's Acrostic offers variety to the reader with form poetry.
Philoment Chaudhary explores darker and dreaded secrets of love in all her poems while Pratibha Sofat hankers on hopelessness in an incomplete efforts in her poem Hope-less.
Pravaas Ranjan does justice to his professional paranoia in his poem Raincoat.
Preeti Venkatesan's poem Death Wish looks much like a Suicide Note with Prerna chaudhary utilizing abstract elements to ulterior use in all her poems.
Rajashekhar Sen seems to write a memoir in his poem Intro. Rohan Sen's poems are twining love to nature while Sanket Karkare's uses the Metaphor Butterfly to wonderfully describe independence.
Raj talks of love like other poets but from the purview of a teenager. Sashus' poem Love Note is again a wonderful love poem dancing to the tunes of nature.
Saurav displays his acting skills quite convincingly in his poem A Question while Shabbir Khorakiwala again takes you to a wanderlust journey of nature discovering God's creative prowess.
Shashank Mishra's poem Those papers in my Drawer is a good attempt at rhyming poetry while Shigufta Uzma's The Changing Prefixes and Suffixes talks strongly of the surname culture in Post Colonial India.
Shirish Kota's poem Revised Recklessness is a wonderful tribute to womankind.
Shivraj Amin's I the Thief on the Left is biblically inspired and does justice to the hallowed honour in the crucifixion of Christ.
Simranjeet Singh's Skinless layers of I is a memorable memoir poem while George Everett writes two poems to relegate and honour a martyr.
Sudeep Singh Rawat's I am Sorry explores shameless guilt while Sunita Prasad's Pearls of Wisdom are those you might want to keep.
Surabhi Goswami's finds love in her poems.
Syed Qaisar Gilani's is a wonderful journey of life penned with both innocence and maturity.
Yamini Periwal completes the collection with her poems on love and friendship.

The book is available here.

My rating 2.5/5,  2.5 points go away for some poets who did not manage to strike a chord with me for the poetic prose they had to present.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for taking the pain and effort to write about everyone.

We love you!

Preeti Venkateshan said...

Thank you for your words :) the best part is you have good words for all of us :)