Friday, June 29, 2012

Another Speed Devil Kills An Innocent

Most people die of road accidents than most diseases, so much so the Indian high ways are among the top killers of the country.

Justice V.R Krishna Iyer said in a court ruling in 1979.

Kshama Chopra was a witness to this gory testimony of words. She was two weeks pregnant, happily married just another thirty year old who was heedless of the rashness on roads, and on one such fateful day lost her life to necrotic negligent driving. On May 5th while returning from a medical check up along with her husband and parents, the Indigo she was traveling in, was rummaged by an over speeding BMW. The driver of the BMW was reportedly intoxicated and the impact of the fatality was so grievous that the car rolled over several times before landing on the ground. Ms. Chopra who was a few weeks pregnant died on the spot along with the driver of their car, while her family members suffered serious injuries and have been bed ridden since then. The rich drunken brat driving the speed devil fled the spot and until this day has not been arrested. He continues to roam around scot free while also retaining his driving license, which the police was supposed to cease immediately after identifying him as the culprit.

A month and a half later not much has changed. The guilty, a nineteen year old and son of a high profile businessman running a fleet of cabs and taxis in NCR, has not been brought to book and the other family members of the ill-fated lady are fighting for their lives, unaware of what the future has in store for them. This once again brings to light the laxity in the law and how even to this day, culprits of such high profile hit and run cases are missing pages from the books of law.

According to a government report released in 2011, there were 500.000 road accidents in India in the year 2010 with 130,000 deaths. This means that on an average one road accident happens every minute and one road accident death every four minutes.

Shailesh, her husband is in a state of shock and feels guilty for not been able to save his wife and their unborn child. A very emotionally power packed interview to TOI shows that it will take him ages to pick up his pieces of life and start afresh.

The interview can be read here

Kindly sign this petition and join the victimized family of Kshama Chopra so that the culprits are nabbed at the earliest and justice is done for her soul to rest in peace.

On second thoughts, Rinzu says

We may be the next Kshama Chopra or Charu Khandal (another victim of a hit and run road accident in Mumbai who also happens to be the award winning animator of the famed movie Ra.One) in waiting. Isn't it our duty, to raise a voice against Crime, corruption, compromise and case closed, the vicious cycle of the four C's in which things proceed in our country. For how long will roads invite people to death and for how long will chivalrous copious guys like the culprit of Ms. Chopra slaughter human lives in drunken demoniac acts of recklessness?


Ash said...

Its sad how money can buy off the system. Hope these families get justice soon.

debajyoti said...

signed the petition. hopefully we will have some stringent laws one day and more importantly some honest people in the administration to take care of such cases.

Indiawilds said...

I fully agree that roads have become killing fields. It takes away many an innocent life.

Based on my experiences in the forests of India, I can say that roads passing through the forests are even bigger killing fields, albeit killing wildlife like tigers, elephants, deer etc.