Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Rat Race To Raisina

The stage is set
for the rat race
guiltless guile would be
on display for the coveted throne
while queen Mary
has stepped out of Vatican.

They will play musical chairs
shamelessly elbowing out enemies
to topple threat
and treat every friend as a foe
there is a man with a missile
riding a walloping horse
that doesn't count two and half moves
in this game of power.

Also the bridegroom's best man
is playing folly
on his swindle
he may steal the wedding ring
to stall the alliance
of dignity and domain
he always has,
trust is treachery for him.

The other petrified pawns
are those with a money bag
and one playing second fiddle
the third would plagiarize with a parrot's ease
while fourth being a missing link.

Fortunes would fair
with a thump on the table
or a hands up movement.
Raisina is the palace
everyone wants to set foot into,
while walking down the carpets
or standing below
the crystal chandeliers
would any of them ever think of the poor man
fighting it out at a petrol pump
or the local vegetable vendor?


umashankar said...

I like how you the satirical poem took a sombre twist in the last two lines. A very fine piece.

Nidaa C. said...

You have made me a Rinzu-ism addict :)

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