Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Career Orientation For an Indian Woman

Who is a career oriented woman?

She is a woman who has toiled and tugged to build a career for herself and is not willing to compromise it for anything under the sun, not even for the three M's, man, marriage and motherhood. She is the type who won't be understood by the societal moral police for they would judge her on the roles and responsibilities that are indicated for a woman in all idiocracy and would always point fingers at her in disgust and disrespect  making a mockery out of her actions and arguments. She can be a selfish monster who has no right to think about her welfare or the work she has done to not pad her CV in a contorted act of conning others about her achievements.

(Oh yes, when I had chosen career over other things in life, I was called a coveted careerist by a breed of humans both intolerant and naive.)

Essentially I meant we live in an unequal world which was not built for women. Even though men are not called "career oriented", this terminology is used in all shameless glory for a woman who loves her work and is not willing to meekly compromise on all the sweat and blood she has spilled to reach a position of regard for the exaggerated M's that the society considers is important for her salvation.

Should she give in?

Essentially yes, if she has reached a position in her career that she had earmarked for herself, and from where her sacrifices won't consume her castle of dreams.
But no, if she is unwilling to sacrifice her travails that only she went through all on her own and not the people who judge her at the drop of a hat. The roles of firstly being a "Husband Welfare Organization" and then something like a dairy cow being able to juggle between changing diapers to yelling at servants to cornering her own consumerism with her baby's needs to managing the accounts at home, must only happen when you are ready for it. And that too if you are a woman who has worked like an ass to reach where you are.! (The impartial, inhuman sociopaths weren't the ones who slaved in your place in a library at the oddest of hours to finish the weekly report and presentation with elephants, rhinoceros and monkeys jumping in your stomach in all merry making and festivity to all the seer less scolding your professor subjected you to, in front of a herd of peers and juniors jeering at you and some feeling sorry for you.)

I have nothing against home makers, but then I don't see myself stepping into the shoes of a woman who can  feed herself on the left overs abandoned by her child or husband, in a willing compromise to save on resources or giving up on the promotion that was slated to come which had to be given up to act as a baby sitter. I believe for all the toil that a woman puts to build a career which is at par with what a man does, any or no roles and responsibilities should act as a deterrent for climbing up the ladder. Sacrifices should be made from both the parents if a child is planned and that should not eternally come from the mother all the time, as is typical of the Indian sentiments! 

On second thoughts, Rinzu says

Your own objectives and motivations need to be taken care of before trying to be elevated to a Jesus Christ like position and crucifying your choices. The nailing of a dream you have seen in every waking day when minutes were being milked out of hours, might not be a worthy deal twenty years down the line, when the "guilt" of not being able to tolerate the tantrums of relatives or parents or the well wishers, will give you another kind of death. If men have a selection they can make, for a job and for success without being stigmatized then why not a woman? Should our orientation and dedication reserved only for a man and a child? Isn't there a life beyond a mother and wife for an Indian woman?

"Happy Career Orientation"!

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Jyotika Singh said...

Very interesting views Rinzu. I was looking for ways to reach out to women on career break in Delhi/NCR as I help them go back to work after a career break when i found your blog. and I must say I read it completely twice and I cant agree more.