Thursday, October 4, 2012

Gas lighting: An Indian Woman's Perspective

While the last time I wrote about gas lighting here, I was sharing my reflections as a feminist. As just another Indian woman how would these equations be calculated? Let us see!

The last Sunday was not an emotionally encouraging day for me. After the Sunday mass, my cousin sister and her husband came home for lunch. While the feast was being laid, we happened to exchange a few harmless remarks. They were mild mannerisms until I subtly started observing him to  realize shockingly that he was a full fledged “gas lighter”.

While he was plagiarizing like a parrot, his undying love for his wife, in the midst of the confessional conversation you could notice him calling her a “careless cook” and a “mad fanatic” when it came to their fights. While she shyly kept blinking her eyes camouflaging it as a joke he was pulling on her, my mind went for a toss. I was fuming and wanted to retort but just did not want to soil my hands with this act of social service. This just being one incident, while on many other occasions I’ve seen husbands cribbing about how clumsy their wives are when it comes to cooking and paying the bills and how lazy a girl friend can get when it comes to meeting for a date.

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Shilpa Garg said...

This is so sad... a kind of abuse which many may not be able to see it and only the victim would know what she is going through! Truly tragic, as the pain of the mind is worse than that of body! :(

Dancing Fingers Singing Keypad said...

Great article. You have done a good job in not only enlightening everyone about 'gas lighting' being meted out to women but also giving those on the receiving end useful tips to handle it.