Sunday, April 27, 2014


The railings are
The black gallows
That bind me
Like a prisoner,
I look for the stars
That once gave our love
A name in careless calligraphy
That no one else could read.
Once on this soil
I wanted to walk free
With you smelting
In my shadows
Once I wanted to
Give a name to this land
Call it home

A  place where our hearts 
Will a way for our love
Once I gave the night a tear
And the frozen white moon
Fell into its lap
Once I had written
In blood 
The plagiarized promise
You made
The hooting horns
Mock at me 
These blaring lights
Rape my eyes
While I try to search
For your bones
In the speckles of this sand
You took away the stars 
And hide behind 
The clouds
The sky is now a nameless face
Just like you.

Published in Poetry Quarterly Spring edition which is available here.

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