Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Spinster Act

She has torn newspaper advertisements
lettered in bold black with
"Brides Wanted" while battering
through the armour of the computer
without asbestos apology.

She has said "no" a thousand times
to women who bottle her in
a "sister in law act"
analytical in her artisty
at homemaking, even when they know
how she doesn't bicker at her ability
to pour the platter
for her pally pathogens.

She has seen baby bumps
breed the bulge, and plummet
in the poise of pride
when 'girl" names she heard
like a list of grocery items
more than boy names.

Her allies have transformed
into women
and mothers of money
while she counts the cliche capers
she wrote as a carol
now being a crime.
the evening sun stalks
those yellow roses in her backyard
with no redressal for remorse
while she anticipates
that the paint in her pen
will repay her in full
one day.

First published in Penwood Review here.


Anonymous said...

Since you write lovely poems, I thought of sharing a link a friend gave me on Facebook and requested me to spread the word: http://www.charlesfishman.com/charles_fishman_projects.htm
This is a call for submissions for 'Veils, Halos and Shackles', an anthology of international poetry. She is an editor collecting submissions.

rinzu rajan said...

Thank you! Yes I know of this!