Friday, March 15, 2013

Poor Daughter of Eve

She is the daughter of Eve
a dainty dame,
cursed by cleansing
and stewed in shame,
heckled with a hop
and scrubbed by a sponge
wronged by a washing wheel,
she plays the game
balancing the budget
of bills and bales.

She broods in the burden
of a womb,
weaning a weakling
for nine moons and a sun
and even after this
she is crippled
to nominate her name
for her breed
shackled in the spell
of a burdened bone.

She plays a cliff hanger
to control her craft
dictatorial if determined
arrogant in ambitions
a certificate to
prove her authenticity
are these thankless tasks
she obliges to,
and a silly surname
that reports her in respect
severely savaged by the sin
of ever tasting the forbidden fruit
Poor daughter of Eve.

First published in Thunderdome magazine here

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