Friday, October 12, 2012

Legacy for Peace

With dawning of dust
on the skeletons of space
a morning appeared
in form and frame
a ballet of blow
danced in disgrace
kneeling on graves
of the green.

Limbs were stolen
Obituaries were buried

from bodies
and hands skewed
without strength,
skulls shoveled
while slurping smoke
they licked their lesions
like desserts of delicacy
the others drugged the doom
with honey from a hive.

with busts of brass
the rest fumed to froth
ghosts of graves
scold the sound
retelling the romance
of rats tamed in tyranny,
wrinkles waning to waste
recall the struggle of the shells
and stones that staged a show
of loathe and love
six decades ago,
the lamp has been lighted
that legacy needs a will.

Participated in the Poetry for Peace contest here

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