Monday, September 2, 2013

2nd September 2013

I wished to watch Madras Cafe today and don't regret a bit in having made that decision. In an era, when popular actors are raking in the moolah by tom-fooling an audience that is finding absurd antics entertaining and worth a see, this actor went one step ahead and tried to show us the mirror by making this film. His performance spells finesse and I admire him for having got into the skin of the character. He looks dashing in the flashback as an army officer who doubles up to be an intelligence agent. While in the second half his shabby beard and drooping eyes make him look every bit the alcoholic he has tried to portray.  I could finally forgive John Abraham for having committed a folly in the past by appearing in a popular men's fairness cream advertisement and for being a bigoted sexist in a personal interview.

After work, went to Yo China for a quiet Chinese lunch all by myself. Lately reclaiming my spaces is an important goal that is finding effect in everyday life. A bald child with hair protruding out of the rear part of his head made a ruckus at the restaurant while out on lunch with his family while the restaurant manager looked on haplessly.He made for a great clown with his eloquent emotions that displayed the cold creeps a young child had given him. After the lunch the movie happened which lasted for less than two hours. And chocolate cake was in the menu today as well, for an evening coffee with T who again made sure that the bill never went out of my wallet. The feminist in me wailed and mourned since I don't like anyone else, man or woman doing those honours for me. 
Had planned to shop for a few more books especially pellucid pieces of lives that weren't forced onto the pages, to make a buck, much like many of the Indian best sellers. Caught hold of  "Dongri to Dubai" that traces the rise of Dawood as an international terrorist and waiting in anticipation to probe into the pages. Also, could finally buy the book "Of Mothers and Others". Zubaan can never go wrong when it comes to books about women. Trusting it to be a tasteful token of appreciation written in the honour of mothers. Also picked up a very special gift for a very special friend across the border. If she isn't reading this post I know it will take her by surprise.
The evening ended with me crossing paths with my college mates from graduation. The cute couple tied the knot in 2010 and have a one year old baby as well. They were the kind of soul mates who were always into each other in college days and never needed to befriend anyone else to save their soul. They shared notes, had lunch together and even roamed around hand in hand without a care of the world. I found it pitiable when friends used to pick jokes on them and on their liking for each other. Anyways I am glad that they had a "happily ever after" ending with very few love affairs managing to reach the aisle in real life in today's times. I was waxing in eloquence to S about their story. Love needs to be celebrated after all. 

Some days like today are blissful bits of memories that I want to blog about. Hoping for more days of these kind. By the way, I wish I can blog more often, maybe every day atleast for a few days from now.

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