Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thoughts of a Apolitical Nota Believer

This assembly election saw us caught between two constituencies. Since we had shifted only two months back, our names weren't included in the voters list of the constituency we had shifted to. And when we made queries about it, they told us that maybe by the time the country goes for the general elections in may or june we will get our right to vote.
By the way, it is not just us but many like us, whose names were missing from the voters list. I saw people creating a choral chaos outside polling booths while watching the morning news and most of them were residents in their constituency since many years. It is appalling that the election commission doesn't mind its business in the way it should. While a few of my brother's friends excitedly sang in chorus for Kejriwal's AAP many others believed in the power of the palm. Later while watching Arnab Goswami blare with the exit poll results, I realized that the broom had indeed swept the mango man off his feet. AC Nielsen and C voter predicts 16-18 seats for AAP and if Kejriwal is in no mood to join hands with the single largest party then a second round of voting might just be around the corner.
Kejriwal if we have to believe in the words in his mouth, is in no mood to barter a business with either the Cong or Bjp. And with the exit polls predicting two to four seats for the other regional parties fighting it out the reality is grim.

For an apolitical voter like me neither the Bjp nor the Congress holds promise, even a debutante AAP has not managed to win my favour. Don't know if either of these parties can arrest the inflation and make the streets safer for women, politics after all is a dirty ditch that rots of corruption.
And with Kejriwal not having done justice to the poor old man Anna Hazare, having let him disappear without crediting him for having brought him into the spotlight, if all the media reports are to be believed I do not know if the broom wielders are an alternative option we can place our trust in.
Had we being given a vote this time, my call would have been the Nota.

Nota is the None of the above option that the Supreme Court had ruled in the favour of a voter. That is one of the privileges that the gagged handicapped voter of the largest democracy of the world not spoilt for choices,got in late September. Until now I used to cast a blind vote, in the favour of Congress for its non-hindutva politics and educated politicians, as I mistook most of them to be clean cultured politicians who would make for great leaders.
As Ramesh Srivats, a witty facebooker puts it, Nota is a middle finger salutation to every politician and political party that has been riding on our backs since ages
What needs to be seen is what will be Delhi's verdict? Will they show the door to the old woman and vote for a change or will the vicious cycle of corrupt filthy politics continue?

The equations for Delhi will calculate the fate of political parties and politicians in the general elections. Any which ways, Nota seems to be the only option I will press for in the future, as long as accountable and responsible politicians do not come in the picture. 

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