Tuesday, January 21, 2014

21 st January 2014

While Kumar Vishwas went about reeking of racism as a 2008 video of the poet reveals, Somnath Bharti whose ego was dented by a Batman style raid not yielding the results he yearned for, led to mayhem and chaos on the streets of Delhi. The AAP was on the streets of Delhi since January 20 th asking for the suspension of the police officers who decided to not act on Delhi law minister's tip-off to raid places inhabited by africans especially those from Uganda and Nigeria. According to Bharti, he had recieved complaints from local residents who charged them with drug dealing and prostitution.
As per the law, no matter what the crime is a woman cannot be arrested or taken for questioning between 6pm to 6am. And Mr. Bharti dared to pass that barricade of the law by forcing the police to conduct raids at 9pm and that without a warrant. Two african women returning from a party were meanwhile manhandled by the police and urine and blood tests were forcefully conducted for them. So were their private parts checked without their consent. This unruly roguery happened because of a lying Yogendra Yadav another AAP anarchist, who claimed to have got a letter from Ugandan officials warning them of illegal activities in areas like Malviya Nagar. The official spokesperson of the ministry of external affairs and the foreign minister were lamenting about why were Mr.Kejriwal and his ministers trying to ruin India's relations with a peaceful country.

The four SHOs who refused to budge trampled the ego of the law minister and the Chief minister, and today saw a dramatic disorderliness on the streets with the city getting paralyzed for the entire length of the day. Understandably what were supposed to be peaceful protests turned violent with the mobs trying to agitate the police and gathering at large. Four of the main metro stations remained shut and people going to work had to take a detour to reach their destination. People were forced to nod to the demands of the greedy autorickshaw drivers while many couldn't make it to the places they wanted to reach. The city and its people were sitting ducks to terrorist attacks ahead of the R-day with the police doing their best to do their duty.
At the centre was a man, with boisterous political ambitions trying to avenge the treatment meted out to him by the police and the Home Ministry. While talks were on to sit through the night demanding the suspension of the cops who refused to act on their orders and to grant full statehood to Delhi (which can only happen with the consent of the upper and lower houses of the parliament and not at the twirling of the finger from a tiny man) a sudden call off was what baffled me the most!
Was the honourable CM scared of the police repeating the history of the late night Baba Ramdev crackdown? Did he fear the Army manhandling him and his supporters when they would be given the charge of Rajpath where for the 23 January full dress rehersal? Or was he trying to save his face and reclaim the support he was loosing, especially that of the educated middle class?
After the dust settled on the so called peaceful protest and everyone decided to head to the comfort of their homes, a news channel reported that 400 of the supporters were bought for money and made to sit for the dharna. To add upto the numbers since many of the SMSes that solicited support didn't see the Delhi residents turning up.
So also, the Kejriwal led AAP government was threatened by Congress to mend its ways or lose the crutches on which they were standing.
In this staged cliff-hanger BJP that had another parallel protest running against AAP's reckless hooliganism was detained.
Then why was all the confusion created by AAP being allowed? That too when the arrogant anarchist in our CM refused to move to Jantar Mantar to raise a voice.
As an apolitical spectator of all the drama I am still trying to wonder as to who was in all rightful resolute trying to fight for the common man?

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Anonymous said...

The hooliganism displayed was indeed shocking and seems like the AAP government has started on the wrong footing.