Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2nd January 2014

Women bungled by patriarchy never fail to amaze me. And in a petrified hypocritical society like ours such women are like the grains of sand and do more damage than men pilifered by patriarchy.
A day after the new year dawned, an old acquaintance messaged me on facebook. In the seven years I have known her, this might have been the fourth or fifth time. Since she was also a chapter from the past life, my fear knew no bounds.
The lady supposedly was playing 'Sherlock Holmes' on a girl from the sister parish who had been proposed in marriage for her brother.
What amazed me the most was her faith in my judgement, if at all I knew her. I, in a Pontious Pilate act decided to wash my hands off the sin that this lady wanted me to commit.

And for that matter I really didn't know her since I had disowned a parish that had nosey aunties and shameless uncles in attendance for the mass. Sadly the Christ is missing from all such Christians for whom Sunday is a day to patter around like Page 3 celebrities.
Again I am not trying to be an augur here by talking of religion and its role in leeching patriarchy into the souls of people. I was only trying to make sense of arranged marriages and the "Miss Goody Two Shoes" a woman is expected to be in such relationships. Isn't it irrational to  dig into the character of a woman and not the man when it comes to a marriage? And when another woman does that to validate the strength she derives from a man, in this case my acquaintance's brother, I can only imagine how aggressively violent are the indian marriages, that can only give the "stamp of approval" to a girl who can cook, clean and breed. 

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