Friday, January 3, 2014

Lost in Translation

And I remember
how we talked even in telepathy,
styled our synonymous silence
and wore each other's secrets
like the crucified Christ
hanging on a rosary
escorting us from evil,

She can't explain me her
vitrified vocabulary in
rajma, rotis, rice and university
or when I beg in disagreement
over another escalated effort
at making me
a Husband welfare organization
rearing to be a Momma Welfare roll.

Then we had our linguistic liaisons
till blue moons that thirsted
for years and now,
we whine for words
love we shared after the umbilical cord
was cut and pain sterilized with sour spirit.

She is stopping while she accuses me
of having grown in my shoes
she expects me to be her
in cooking and cleaning
while I see myself in her
knowledge and knowing.

We have memorized parting privacy
to our advantage
she says it's better to not talk
rather than not read with rights
I don't want to loose her
while spelling this suffocation
when everything else
just seems to be lost in translation.

1 comment:

Geetika Kohli said...

Wow. What a gift, Rinzu!