Monday, January 20, 2014

Mr Vishwas, A Nurse is a medical professional, not an eye candy for a male patient

A 2008 video of Kumar Vishwas passing sexist racist sentiments against the malayalis is in the roll on social networking sites nowadays.After these people have come into power, with of course the Congress giving them the other crutch to stand on, a revolution was being anticipated by them. Winds of change that would take the powerful privileged for a ride, accounting for responsible governance.

But on and off as reports pour in, I realize that they are another bunch of hypocritical fools with no knowledge of running a government. Most of their populist schemes are only fizzing out and it maybe not be long before the castle of dreams might be up in air.

One can't seem to blow a kiss for them when one hears of their late night raids and molestation accusations. For Somnath Bharti, I have another blog post to do. This one goes for their spokesperson, poet Kumar Vishwas. 

A five year old video shows him passing sexist racist comments against malayali nurses which has sparked a heated debate. Although this could well be another opportunity of the opposition and the Congress to aim at them to shoot, publicly passing remarks against skin colour and a community can't be taken with a pinch of salt.

He thinks that these women professionals who study hard and toil day and night, must be glamorous attractive women in order to function as nurses.

He said that when a man used to go to the hospital he had to be satisfied with the malayali nurses who attended him, and he was forced to call them sister. For they were dark skinned, as he xenophobic-ally calls them "kali peeli". I never knew skin colour was an important factor in getting a job as a nurse, as Mr. Vishwas foolishly puts it. Further more, he says that this maybe the reason that most malayali nurses do not have a profile picture on their facebook account. In comparison fair skinned nurses from North India looked beautiful and do not need to be addressed as 'sisters'. Furthermore he said such fair skinned nurses sent his heart racing.

For your kind information, Mr. Vishwas, a nurse is a medical professional and not an eye candy for a male patient. She labours for four years and dedicates her life to serving patients afflicted by ailments. And a malayali is also an Indian, whether dark skinned or fair skinned. 

Please cure your sexist and racist diseases before laying tall claims of bringing a revolution in India, of which even malayalis are a part and parcel.

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