Friday, February 21, 2014

20 th February 2014

Some days like these amuse me and makes me ponder over the realities of life.
I usually abstain from junk food laden with too many calories which gets processed using unhealthy methods and may harm us in the long run. To spend two hundred or three hundred plus ruppees on a coffee is banefully atrocious when more than half of the world isn't able to afford two square meals in a day. Let's call it human fallibility, the once in a while luxurious levitation towards an expensive coffee laced with chocolate or swimming in dollops of ice cream, or a burger dripping in cheese. While travelling I prefer to eat junk rather than wake myself up in the wee hours of a morning and dish out a healthy tiffin. That is the harsh reality of a metro life. At this time I am in the midst of a sea of human life, sipping on costly coffee or a drink of some kind whipped with calories. It will definitely not be 'adrak wali chai' or 'filter coffee' so I expect a variant of latte or cappucino, seated on the top of most of the tables. The presentation of the research proposal opened my eyes, and I know why brain-drain is a reality and shall stay so until the government doesn't decide to mend its ways. And as always my parents run after me with their hammer and tongs to get me married. To not domesticate my ambitions is the greatest dowry I am paying to the church patriarchs and the people for whom a woman is a social artefact, worth only her womb. 

This mad world crumbling on me might drive me to escape to the Bermuda triangle and get lost with the winds or leave for a research programme at the University of Antaratica. And buy a three bedroom igloo and a sleigh to grow old amidst the snow.
A few minutes ago a guy was staring at me suspiciously. On confrontation he was in praise for the book I was reading 'The Second Sex'. We spoke about Simone de Beauvoir until our jaws didn't hurt and only when I was thinking of befriending him and building my castles in air, his lady walked in.
This may have been the first time that I got to meet a man who knew Simone de Beauvoir and was irked by the dutiful Indian daughter who must stop molding herself to fit into the whims and fancies of the stupid Indian society.
A day that left me flabbergasted and deeply in thought.

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