Saturday, February 8, 2014

8th February 2014

I happened to discover a new feature on facebook after seven years of using it. It was like pulling out a rabbit from the hat.
I am talking of the 'other messages' folder which isn't available to you on the facebook android app, and only if you browse facebook using chrome or opera. It was startling to lay my sight on it after seven years of being a facebook user. Which leads me to the conclusion that there are many features on social networking sites, that lay buried like the undiscovered islands under the ocean. Once when you know of them, you are thrown in for a surprise and many like me even end up writing a blog post on it.
The option to view this folder exists at the bottom of the page of the messages folder. Messages from people whom you have not befriended on facebook and from pages that hold your interest are carefully coiled in this folder.
While many of the messages I had recieved were cheesy friendship requests from people smitten by my bio and picture, many more were conversations I regret having given a miss. A few were e-mails seeking submissions while many more were event invitations that never caught my eye, all thanks to my ignorance. 

The 'fraandship' requests made me ponder about the idiotic lechers who exist in this world. Their hormones get hunted down easily after seeing the picture of a woman or the tall claims she has made in her bio.
Surprisingly what made me roll on the floor with amusement was the time and patience they spend in chasing women and the benefits they don't reap, most of the times. And how with another rising sun their heart kindles and they are back to business. Pervertedness is the stinking filth corrupting a hypocritical closed society like ours and the arrival of social networking sites has only added fuel to this fire.
In a way we must thank facebook for the privacy settings and options like the 'other messages' folder without which the social networking world would have been a jungle of wild animals let loose.

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