Friday, February 14, 2014

Why Women are still expected to be Domestic in India?

A few weeks ago I was talking to a friend who is going to publish a novel next year. She is exuberant to have become a novelist and was excitedly telling me about the characters in her book. My heart swelled with pride when she told me that she plans to write a second novel, too, I remembered my own dreams of becoming a writer and my own abandoned manuscript. I asked her when she would write her second novel and she told me that she would do so during her first maternity leave, which left me befuddled. Am I the only aspiring writer who is still so torn about her life path? I might regret never becoming a mother, but if I turn my back on motherhood in favor of writing, will the people in my life turn their backs on me and fail to respect me?

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paulOaries said...

Motherhood is a huge step and women in our country hardly regret it, but society makes them feel guilty when some try to achieve a little more by being self conscious and putting regular duty aside i guess.