Thursday, April 3, 2014


Cliche is what writers should stay away from. It is like that low grade fever that hangs on to the soles of your feet. Writers are thinkers, is what the world says. I chose to agree as well as disagree. Writers start writing for varied reasons. It could be a heartbreak or a missing conversation or a lost part of you that you try to resurrect in your words.
But, whatever it is, if you don't have your style and your language has loose frayed edges. The reader may dismiss it. In the earliest days of having started to pen a verse, my sonnet teacher always told me, to do something that will glue the reader's eyes on to the page.
After many years, I realize what she meant, although I can't still write a sonnet without feeling doubtful about the meter and rhyme.

Even during my MA days I gave Shakespearean poetry a miss. I decided to bury meter and rhyme in Shakespeare's grave.
My own style evolved from Plath's striking images, Cummings's abstract verses and Neruda's love laced poetry.
It is turning out to be a style that people have started accepting. Still struggling to seek something that can stand out in the crowd. So, that I don't get lost in the crowd.

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LotusEater said...

You need some new clich├ęs.