Thursday, April 17, 2014

Family Grave

Peas of the same pod
leaves of the same branch
yet brothers mock at each other
with closed fists,
and cockeyed curses
sister-in-laws re-write
rule books, sometimes
careful conversations
show the writing on the  wall
ambitious agendas aim to augur peace
others are two edged-swords.

Mother when alive,had no favourite child
her offspring after death
breaks the queue
to lay claims on the winning trophy,
the ancestral home.
Granchildren mooted by warring fathers
are sitting ducks to “dinner table” secrets
cousins haven’t broken bread together
their backs turned on each other.

All of them have a family name
calligraphed on a family grave
which are equal in size and shape
daughters are traded to cemeteries
of conjugal households
sons celebrate the curtain call
leaving behind a legacy of blood,
that isn’t thicker than water.

1 comment:

dfsk said...

I feel wonderstruck at times on reading your poetry. Man, you are so good with this art form! :)