Sunday, December 28, 2014

Excerpts from Chapter 4 of the unfinished manuscript

I didn't want to meet him, considering the questioning his dear mother had subjected me to. I mean why on earth did a 'future mother-in-law' wanted to know about my gold investments and savings of the other kinds. She reminded me of the yesteryear mother-in-laws of Bollywood who always kept a check on their daughter-in-law with a crooked gaze and never got tired of addressing them with a yelling irritating connotation 'bahu'.

I saw him standing outside the coffee shop, looking intently at his phone. I think the poor fellow wanted to call me and check on my whereabouts. I was standing near the counter of the coffee shop, praying for a miracle. A miracle that could somehow let the aliens land on earth and kidnap him, taking him away to a nameless planet, from where he could never escape. How could I wish ill for someone with such guiltless shame?
I decided to take refuge in the hideous corners of the coffee shop, so that he could never trace me. To add insult to his injuries, I had switched my phone to 'flight mode'.How much I had started loathing this handsome stranger. Only if his pictures had not make me go weak in my knees, I could have been spared of the threatful fear I was experiencing in that coffee shop, abuzz with human life and loud music.
Excerpts from Chapter 4 of the unfinished manuscript. 

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