Friday, February 6, 2015

To My First Roommate, on her Wedding

Hey S,

I still remember meeting you for the first time. Mom was feeling the fear deep inside her bones, for it was the first time her beloved daughter was going to stay on her own, and I was counting the number of minutes left, before she would leave. A plethora of thoughts were ransacking my mind, most of which were revolving around the camaraderie I will share with you. You looked confident in your black shorts and pink see through top, which my sister-in-law didn't approve of. I could hear her muttering to mom, about how perilous it would be to live with you. I think everyone at home had got used to seeing me in clothes that couldn't be touted as vulgar or bold. 
Infact my bhabhi, had many times after that sent messages through my mom to shift with that malayali girl next door who wears kurtis and wouldn't pose a threat to my humble habits.
I did try my best to make friends with the other women in the place, but at the end of the day I decided that it is best to befriend the person who lives with me, no matter how shady she may seem. 
Infact you maybe amused to know that mom never raised a finger on your character unlike my sister-in-law. She always used to tell me that she found you polite and cheerful, and my roommate will be my friend in need, and not my neighbours. I know she may have turned the pages on her past while having said that, and she was doing all that talking based on her own experiences.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Your Voice

It's been a flight of fancy
the gold splashing on silk curtains
dancing in air, to entice the summer
that has stretched its legs.
Birds crawl on a creek bathing
half the city.
Hallucinate. Inhale. Exhale. Exist.
The grey statue silently gazed
into the sky with a finger pointing
towards north, telling me of the times
to come,when your car whizzed past
vegetable vendors putting weights
for a price, fishes were being stripped
cut and salted. The city reeked of life.
September was our meeting place
when candles lighted in prayer
waxed wishes,we came face to face.
Eye to eye. Holding hands.