Thursday, March 12, 2015

30th March, Bombay Central

I wait for the Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani
I hate train journeys
I feel like a matchstick
stacked in a blue rectangular metal box.
I crouch on the dusty bench
The garbage bin is retching
much like my heart was
when I was forced to forget
the touch of your hand.
That evening, I was looking into
the black sky
murmuring for a miracle
the pole star had vanished
I yearned to blow a wish.
''I'll hire a cab.''

I ran from apathy

spinning hope helplessly.
Inflate.Deflate.Breathing was baneful.
I rushed out of your car
on the naked streets
making love to fear
I yearned for one last glance
while you disappeared into the Mumbai monotony.


I ogle at the city lights
the creek near my house
stretches her legs
her silver anklets tinkle 
like the clock teasing time
your annihilating face molests my sanity
I may forget you if I sleep
I say to myself
If I don't let you go,
your thought will help me sail
through the night.
As your moon rises in my sky
my Red Sea parts to let your army of memories reach my land.

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