Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Building a Gender Equal World

This is utopia for a woman. To imagine a world that will treat her as an equal. That gave me all the right reasons to write about it. The world we now live in, treats her as a build of mass and bones or a helper to the man, as religious books like Bible put it. Perhaps, all the religions of the world would have conspired against Eve and her daughters to hold her guilty of a sin she may have not even committed. 

Sometimes I can't come to terms with the life I have as a woman. I can't imagine walking down the streets without being ogled at, or travel without being prodded at. As if there was nothing more to me than a body that has breasts, legs, arms, without the brains of course. I can't think of living a day of my life, without being asked the pertinent perennial question about my marriage or being a prey to the hate the world throws at me for being ambitious. 

If a tired dejected woman like me were to tear down the world and rebuild it again, then I would want the world to look something like this.

A world that will allow her birth, which won't kill her in her mother's womb for being a female foetus.
A world that treats the woman as a human being who should have access to all the basic human rights especially the right to education and right to healthcare.
A world that allows the woman to walk freely on the streets, like the birds in the sky flutter around. Where her wings are not clipped by fear and uncertainty. A world where she can go to any place at any time of the day, wearing anything she wants, without the fear of getting raped or molested.
A world that won't trample on the career dreams of a woman. An equal world that doesn't expect her to be just an adept homemaker, but a successful and ambitious professional. A world that won't expect her to trade with her dignity to climb up the career ladder.
A world where getting married isn't a sickening medieval societal norm, but a choice. Where she will be able to marry a man she wants to grow old with, and not someone chosen by her parents based on caste, colour, creed, religion, educational qualifications or yearly income. Where honour killing won't have a place. 
A world where being a lesbian, transgender or bisexual won't make her land in jail. 
A world where she will get to voice her opinion as a politician, as a leader who makes policies. So that she could make the world a better place for humans of her kind.
A world where she can travel without a male companion. So that she can explore the circumferences of the world that is round and vivid in its diversity.
A world where she won't need a man's name to bring a child into this world. A world where she will be able to exercise her choice of becoming a mother without having to get married. Where her child will be known by her name, for all the pain and sickness she goes through for nine months. 
A world where her children will get the best of healthcare and education, without having to crave for it.
A world where nutritious food would be her right. Where she won't have to feed herself on water or two loaves of bread , so that her brother and father are well fed.
A world where she won't have to bear the brunt of traditions for a brother or husband. Where she can imagine to live without fasting for the longevity of the male members in her family. Where visible symbols of marriage won't be used as a yardstick to judge her character. Where she won't be raped every night on the martial bed or will have to put up with violence as a daughter. Where dowry would be a thing of the past.

A world she longs for and is striving to make every day of her life. A world that is far from her reach, but she surely believes that this will be a world that her daughter must take birth in.

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vikram suryawanshi said...

very nicely written...............I wrote on the same topic here http://vikrams777.blogspot.in/2015/03/the-flawless-world.html plz comment your views :)