Friday, March 27, 2015

What's in my bucket list?

I wonder why do they call it the "Bucket list"? They should have rather called it a wishlist or travelogue list, if I were to go about revealing it.
Mine is a weird one, which may make you burst into peals of laughter or you may end up calling me a "madwoman". Scientists are mad, after all!

1) Visit atleast 50 countries, especially Egypt, Seychelles, Pakistan, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands and yes Iceland too. Infact go to all the countries where being a woman is not a sin. You shouldn't be amazed if someday, all of a sudden an interesting section on travel stems from this blog.
2) Head to the most exotic beaches in India, especially those in Diu and Pondicherry. Work has bound me in chains until now, and the only two beaches I've ever seen are in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.
3) Go to Lahaul and Spiti and try and spot a UFO.

4) My application to the "Mars One" mission got rejected the last time. If I make it the second time, I would want to go to Mars and come back, bringing a fistful of sand from that place. Until then I am keeping my fingers crossed so that the organizers of the "One way mission" to Mars find ways and means to make it a two way trip.
5) Join a research team that has Nobel laureates in it. To work with the changemakers of the world would indeed be a learning experience.
6) Start my own business and see the venture paying for my bread and butter.
7) Publish atleast two books, one shall be a poetry collection and another one will remind you of a romcom.
8) Go to Jerusalem along with my parents. And take them to the Vatican and Lourdes.
9) Get married atleast once. I have hung my boots, now only a miracle can make it happen.
10) Start learning Bharanatyam again. It's been ten years since I've danced. Dancing is a liberating miracle. Also, wish to learn Krav Maga. That may help me loose some flab and add up to my agility.

This list will only get bigger as I grey. Sadly, I am yet to make any of these wishes a reality. Surely this year, I will begin with pursuing my interest in Bharanatyam and finishing my poetry manuscript.


Anonymous said...

Jeruasalem is on my travel list, too, but solely because of literary persuasions. And I didn't know you used to learn classical dancing. I have been told by someone that it is emotionally and intellectually quite liberating.

p.s. I have wondered about the term 'bucket list' too. Language isn't always sensible though is it? said...

Good luck with your bucket list, Rinzu :)
Hope you get to make everything happen.

rinzu rajan said...

Yes Srini, I used to! :) And yes, it is liberating like nothing else in this world! The term "bucket list" doesn't give me a pleasant feeling either.

rinzu rajan said...
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rinzu rajan said...

Thank you so much Sid!

Anita said...

Hope you achieve all this & more.
Best wishes :)

rinzu rajan said...

Thank you so much Anita :-)