Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Egging on hope

Biting on the peeling skin on my fingers
I watch my hair fall
I welcome the besetting of autumn
wanting to shed tissue
inhale carbon dioxide
breathe out death
your secrets coil in my belly
drowning in the lies
that lick them dry
they have been sleepless for days.

You never knew me

I knew you always
the mirror tells me
it's getting too late
shout from rooftops
let those lies leave your lungs
I'll write them in letters that 
I'll never post to you
Hope will learn the truth
and it will set her free.


Stephen Tremp said...

Hi Delhi Dame, I'm stopping in from A to Z. Thanks for participating and have a great day!

J Hanna said...

This is a pretty good poem. I noticed a lot of people are writing about eggs for the A to Z Challenge.