Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Once More

Rain is my first love
flailing over molten memories
dripping like wax on my skin
it burns.
Light years expand between us
as clouds copulate with the womb
of the earth.
Coiling in the songs of
the pattering petrichor
I've seen you simper
like a five year old boy
to this day, you are the first prayer
of the pluvious.

I thread your thoughts into

a dream and embroider them 
with my stars.
Your shadow was my house 
where I could have dwelled 
like a frail foetus.
Your absence slits across the sky
as my birds fall for the gravity.

I stand here, wailing

willing to borrow sanity for sedatives.
Why did our sky part before seeing the sun?
My home lies beyond this storm
that would cough up a century
Spring is spilling her versicolor vignettes
on my black and white pages
here I wait
waiting for you to steal 
a piece of me
to walk into my walled house
once more.

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