Monday, January 11, 2016

Christmas Gift 24/12/2015

The delivery guy rang the bell
and handed me a black box
one that had kept me on my toes for many days
it's arrival devoured on my sleep
like a pregnant woman I stood guard.
Impatience impelled through its hollowness
filled with tiny thoughtful things 
socks to warm cold feet
eyewear to let my eyes build castles in air
diary with a message on the last page
scribbled with a pencil that didn't ape cliche
thermometer to measure inner rage during a fever
postcard addressed to places that will search for me
Christmas message that would someday be born
on a nameless street across Marine Drive.

When I hurriedly looked for a place
to stash away these things
I realized you're digging into me, deep
unearthing the dead skeletons
teaching me to fight like an army
and go for the last kill like a woman
I seal you in my mouth in a suppressed smile
in the glint of my eyes
in the soles of my dancing feet
and then I gift you my silence
that will show me a star
I have named after you.

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