Monday, August 1, 2016

Teething as an Adult

Adulthood is a difficult phase of life. Life wastes away in daily deadlines at work, worrying about the future and most of all in seeing your energy reserve dwindle. I remember the times when no matter how many hours were spent in skipping, playing stapu or sweating it out in the basketball field, I didn't feel tired. Yes, I did gulp down gallons of water but I was always on my toes. As adulthood has stealthily engulfed me in its trap, I think I have become a new person. A human who is always fatigued and is looking for the slightest reason to hit the bed or curl on a couch with her favorite book. While our energy is getting spent like water, adulthood also brings with it, a peculiar problem of teething. We call it the arrival of the wisdom teeth, the hindmost molars appearing in your twenties which can be a valuable asset to you if properly aligned. Their eruption usually leads to excruciating pain and dizziness, which is exactly what I have been experiencing nowadays. 
This year had been passing away without too many debilitating health issues, until I realized day before yesterday that my wisdom teeth were tearing my jaws and torturing my sanity. 
I haven't been able to cut through my food properly since then trying my best to not chew food with my distant right molars. 

As young kids developing teeth, most of us would have experienced a maddening stinging agony which was arrested upto an extent with the use of teethers. Teethers are soothing toys that our parents gave us to chew on, when we used to get cranky about the sore discomfort caused by teething. The teethers we can use as adults are chilled slices of banana or cucumber or onion wedges or garlic lumps. The other day I tried another home remedy which was to rinse and swish my mouth with slightly warm water that had salt mixed into it. The warm salt thawed out the pain and I was able to take a breather for a moment. 
Most of the times my family sees me making funny faces like a clown or coiling like a sick cat in the corner of a room with closed eyes or staying silent for as long as I possibly can until driving words out of my mouth becomes a necessity. Even talking is a nightmare, because the moment my jaw moves, I can sense pain shooting off in all directions inside the cavity of my mouth.

These molars are not needed for chewing and I wonder as to why do they appear in our life and mouth to cause detrimental dismay. 

A few weeks ago I had met a friend who was complaining about her evil wisdom teeth which she had to get removed because they were crowding her healthy molars and letting to their decay. After hearing to her ordeal, I was saying a little prayer to come out of this phase of teething wisdom without too much pain and injury to the healthiness of my mind and teeth. 
Until then I will sit in meditative position and not converse too much. For the world I guess, this is a moment of peace for they won't have noise energy from one human polluting their world.   

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