Monday, January 23, 2017

New Resolutions

A new year brings with itself a lot of hopes, much like the birth of a child. Every new year inspires us to make beginnings and bring an end to the rot and rigmarole of habits, that we have always wanted to give up.
2016 was an eventful year which was a witness to my only brother's marriage. Since, I am the elder one, the burden of responsibilities was put on my shoulders, which made me give up on my fitness goals due to the lack of time and commitment. After having bid adieu to Bombay, I have not been in shape all thanks to the unhealthy eating habits and incessant travelling. I have done my best to stick to my exercise regime but the lack of inspiration failed me.

I have made a sincere promise to myself in the new year to wrap laziness in the folds of the crisp cotton sheets that my bed wears, and lead a life that won't be a bane for me and my body.
On the very first day of the year, I decided to hop onto a weighing machine that set the alarm bells ringing in my head. Since October, that's the time my brother got married, I have put on a whopping ten kilograms. I wasn't sure of believing in the scales, so jumped on and off it to make sure that I wasn't hallucinating.
I have given up on white sugar and polished rice, and plan to cut on caffeine once the spring season visits us. It's not easy to live in a city battered by winters without gulping down on hot beverages. I am waiting for the harsh winds to mellow down, before going running. Running for thirty minutes everyday was both a liberating and happy experience, that has helped me to shed weight in the past and stay on my toes. I am also trying to keep all my gadgets away from my bedroom to regulate my sleep cycle, although I have been cured of insomnia. The joy of getting a sound sleep cannot be bought by all the riches of the world.
Other than the fitness goals that I plan to religiously stick to, I have decided to write more often especially push myself to complete the story I have been writing. I am also doing my best to learn two or three new words in a week to build upon my vocabulary and read more often, indulging only in literature that will make me forget my woes and allow me to become a better writer. This post is the first of the many weekly blog posts I wish to pen in the new year.
Before heading out of India, I'd also want to explore my country and revel in its beauty.
These are some of the goals I have set for the new year in a bid to become a fitter and happier person. What are your new year resolutions? Do let me know if we share any. 

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