Thursday, March 30, 2017

Bloggers can be change makers

I don't blog frequently, but whenever I do I write about how can we tackle gender inequality. This maybe because there are few gender bloggers in India, and fewer conversations about how things can be set straight. Over the years the voice is growing a strong unbent backbone, and it won't be long before this will snowball into a revolution.

Ofttimes I have found myself in the midst of blogs and bloggers who have personal anecdotes to share. Yes, memoirs can be good learning lessons but to be told about every moment that they spend under the sun, can sometimes stifle you. I had aspired to be a journalist as a child, but my possessive mother thought that of it as a bad idea. She knew that I won't just be another one in the crowd, who would follow the people in power to earn her bread and butter or would write about parties and events in the glossy pages of a newspaper. She knew that I would seek the truth like a dog that chases a bone, which may create trouble for me and my family, because of which she firmly put her foot down against the idea of me ever becoming a reporter.
In my own way though, as I took up blogging in 2012, although I must admit that I haven't followed a schedule or taken the pains to scribble often, I have seen myself writing a post occasionally that has been an honest account of how gender benders can shake up the system and create a difference in the lives of women like me, who feel like scared cats before stepping out of our homes.

We live in times of paid journalism or yellow journalism as some may call it. Yes, it can be identified by a colour that is bright and gaudy. Journalism in today's times especially in our country is fake propaganda or an extra space to causes that do not matter to us, like the lives of bollywood stars or cricketers or people in the show business. In all these times, bloggers can be the warriors who take the reign in our hands. We can be change makers who are adding strength to the truth, which sadly gets suppressed underneath a rotting institution that is archaic and corrupt.
I am not very famous in the blogging circle and I really do not mind being a nobody. But the primary purpose of the writing I do is to live a moment that should be a harbinger of change. 
As this quote by Cyril Connolly rightly puts it
"Better to write for yourself and have no public than to write for the public and have no self." 
If a few of us decide to live by these words, imagine how meaningful this act of putting words on paper will become. 
That doesn't mean that I am trying to detest the bloggers who write about food or movies or books or humour. They have chosen their path and we must respect it. 
I strongly believe that if a few of our blogposts can add a bone to the crumbling system that is failing us everyday, it will be a battle half won.
But yes I must congratulate each one of you including me who took up blogging and are making our voices heard. As for what we should put in our blogs, is a choice we can leave to the discretion of the person behind the blog. For some it maybe a way of unwinding from the fuss and bother of life and for some others like me, it is a humble attempt at taking tiny steps towards change.


Geetika Gupta said...

I love your honesty! And what's more important is that we do our bit and the rest will follow!
And what another form than writing to express what you truly believe in!


A Delhi Dame said...

Thank you so much :)