Tuesday, March 28, 2017


My mother doesn't trust women 
who wear it. She says, longer hair
is a better bet as Paul, the apostle said
they are a woman's jewels.

Why are they playing "hide and seek"?
seeking someone who is another person
because the one in the mirror
decided to wear a mask.

Why do they paint their face
black and blue, 
when the sun scorched brown
brings them back to life.

Why do they line their eyes
heavily with kohl
doesn't it blind their vision?

Why do they choose to look
like rainbows, when they can
let their scars harden,
it will add strength to their spine.

Why do they reconcile to the silhouettes
clouded by shadows
a cocktail of chemicals
that leeches on the bones of the living.

They should learn to live without a care
in the world, letting loose their hair
learning lessons of self esteem
from the book of experience.

How long will they fill
the coffers of a million dollar industry?
That lies to them, to draw bad blood
till the last drop.

Nothing can make them look
like the sky or the sea
or the red rose in their garden
or the tall building standing proudly
in the centre of the city.
Why do they strive to look
like things?
when they can wear the skin
they were dressed in, by the one
who gave colours to this earth.

                                         Picture credit: odysseyonline.com

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