Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Weight of a Memory

1) everyone loves the arrival of 
new things. Like the sun hides
to let the stars appear, the moon
rests in the deep annals of the sky
a lone object. Scarred, colourless
but bright. 
2) winters melted on the palm of the earth, until it started to burn.
flowers sprouted from new born buds
but sooner, it will be a funeral pyre
that will burn petals of life,
everything will turn to dust.
3) stuck on the soles of my shoes
are the moments I counted back,
when I waited upon him, while he never came I stumbled,
evening walks lay stretched on a straight path. 
4) I thrust my pills into my mouth
I need one more to live through the night. It swallows pain, like the last hiccup that I gulped,
I look at the things I don't need
everything that is garishly coloured is a memory. 
A few weeks later I know what happened to me as I discarded the garbage bag
An episode of partial amnesia. that ate my headaches. 

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