A Doctorate degree is a not a freebie!

The Benefits of filing your tax returns

Is Caste based reservation a fair deal?

Rising out of Bullying

Is urinating in public an Indian man's birthright?

22nd September 2013/AIIMS metro station

Aadhar-A Scam of myths

Aadhar-Why a voluntary scam is being pushed through?

8th February 2014

Dear Racists, I am not a madrasi, nor is any south Indian!

Acts of Everyday kindness for the environment

A Sold out idea

Of Virtual and Real identities

Of Weddings and not marriages

The Irony of Traditions

Long live the Facebook restrict list

Spare a thought for those who brought you up

Not Whispering to stay free

Powerless Superpower

An Ode to the Copycat

Another speed devil kills an innocent

Yamuna: How we managed to raise hell on a piece of heaven?

Are we Racist? Yes, we are, for racial slurs like chinki and madrasi are a reality in this part of the world

Marriage:Indian consumer's favourite product

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