Gender Benders

Is male objectification catering to gender parity?

Examining the sexism in Indian politics

Dress codes and the stigma attached to it

Consent always means a yes!

Body Shaming: Fat and thin are socially constructed images

Alternative sexuality and what we need to know about it?

The Catholic church and its long history of clerical sexual abuse

Masculinity and Gender Crimes

Fair skin Racism:Why we must shun it right now

Parched:Taking Feminism a step further

Pink:The Movie that started a discussion on Consent

Breaking the stigma around Menstruation

The Biba ad: Challenging some stereotypes while staying mum on the rest

The Female Human Body and the politics of Menstruation

Why make a woman's body a mannequin of religion and traditions?

The Case of Purvi Patel and why reproductive rights are human rights?

Digitally Empowering the Second Sex of the country

Marital surnames aren't a legal necessity. Then why hang on to them?

India's Daughter Documentary. Watch it but don't buy it fully.

Why elitists like Deepika Padukone can never be a feminist icon?

Building a Gender Equal world

To my First Roommate, on her wedding

Why is the sexual objectification of men disturbing and not equality of any kind?


Thoughts on Patrilineal Virilocality

Quoting a Real life Acid attack victim

Female Foeticide in India and the PCPNDT act

Not needing male privilege

Finding the voices of the LGBT community

Mr. Vishwas a nurse is a medical professional, and not an eye candy

16th January 2014

15th January 2014

Why I support LGBT rights (Part 2)

Why I support LGBT Rights (Part 1)

Rapes in India-A Social Evil or cultural endemic?

Defining Spiritual Atheism

Do sisters really need an yearly guarantee of protection?

16th August 2013

Groom price for a Niece

Laying down the laws for rape

It could have been me or you

Of being a woman in Delhi

Pro-life or Pro-choice?

The Irony of Traditions

Of Independence day and Indian women

Defining Surnames for Malayali women

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