Sunday, June 30, 2013

May Rain

On a rainy day once, time stood still
as the leaves clung to brown branches
we wrote poems on each other's lips
and drank from the chalice of our mouths.
In those days I wore purple
they said it will bring luck
Did it? I wonder.
In those days, lies cheated my tongue
writing fables that did not have a Cinderella
while I lost my shoe
In those days wet mud stuck on the soles
left brown trails along the pavement
those footprints don't live there anymore.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Feminist's Love Letter

I have something to tell you today, my love. I don't know you and as I sit back to write this for you I wonder where you will be? What you would be doing at this time? What would be your name? And will you be as boring as me and maybe even brash! A lover of solitude,books and tea! And Plath!
This letter is a wistful confession,one I thought I would never write. I don't know if we have ever met and if yes when? Did we bother to look at each other or were we too callous to pass by without taking note. Don't know if you are my friend or perhaps an acquaintance. Although that gives me cold feet the thought of ever walking into you. Don't know if you will appreciate the extra kilos I wear and my shorter hair that bore the brunt of a scissor when I discovered the first fine line around my left eye. The thought of wearing my age proudly on my sleeves gives me sleepless nights for you might just not like the 'plain Jane' I am. Don't know if you will love me with the fifteen grey hair I have that now gleam through the black mane in a copper brown!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Acts of Everyday Kindness for the Enviornment

The other day someone pulled a joke on me for not having a pet. Keeping an animal at home and tending to its needs is 'animal activism' for some. But the truth is I am allergic to animal fur and an animal anywhere in my vicinity can trigger a sneeze more rapid than the rounds of a machine gun. That's why most of the times when a dog or cat petted at a home I am paying visit to, comes near me I pretend to have a fear for animals and try to shoo it away.
What embarrasses and irritates me more is the fact that these alleged activists who claim to be saviors are the direct reason for the killing of a lot of animals, butchered every year for food and fur. I recently happened to visit KFC, for the very first time and could see people gorging on chicken and other meat products sold there without any apologies. Don't know what kind of an irony is it? Saving four or five animals in your lifetime or maybe a few more by petting them at home and killing hundreds to feed your gastronomic gullibility isn't in anyway a step towards saving the fauna! The same holds true for the incessant cutting and destruction of trees and plants for food and furniture and such nubile necessities. While I turned a plant eater long ago, I knowingly have made sure that I do my bit for the environment everyday.