Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Feminist's Love Letter

I have something to tell you today, my love. I don't know you and as I sit back to write this for you I wonder where you will be? What you would be doing at this time? What would be your name? And will you be as boring as me and maybe even brash! A lover of solitude,books and tea! And Plath!
This letter is a wistful confession,one I thought I would never write. I don't know if we have ever met and if yes when? Did we bother to look at each other or were we too callous to pass by without taking note. Don't know if you are my friend or perhaps an acquaintance. Although that gives me cold feet the thought of ever walking into you. Don't know if you will appreciate the extra kilos I wear and my shorter hair that bore the brunt of a scissor when I discovered the first fine line around my left eye. The thought of wearing my age proudly on my sleeves gives me sleepless nights for you might just not like the 'plain Jane' I am. Don't know if you will love me with the fifteen grey hair I have that now gleam through the black mane in a copper brown!

When I go out to eat I make sure to fetch for a single seater dining space for the empty chair in a double seater leaves me listfully longing. How I sometimes wish you would walk over and greet me with a 'hi' and say that I have the most beautiful eyes in the world! (Some moron did say that but I chose not to believe in him!) That coming from you would be a poem I long to memorize! Single seater spaces would make way for someone else then, when you would pull the other chair for me (heck no, I don't expect you to be doing that for me nor indulge in chivalry by paying the bill at the restaurant!) I am an obsessive compulsive believer in gender equality. Will that turn you off? Will you accept a girl who doesn't bat her eyelids to look feminine.

She once loved clothes in a montage of black and white until she dreamt of you! She reads to keep sane seemingly trying to ward off people who call her a motor mouth. She has been kicking in the dirt but isn't willing to marry a filthy rich pot bellied stranger who would never write poems for her. She sits in her backyard every evening and hears the birds sing as they go back home. She has opined to not make choices that women around her make to stage a social hogwash. She is a feminist who doesn't have balls but has ovaries made of steel!
Will that leave you red faced?
The pleasure I get in meeting deadlines is not something that shining kitchen floors ever gave me. Although I can't give you my word when it comes to making chicken biryani but trust me I would make the best ginger tea for you when you would catch that seasonal cold. On somedays I would be away burning the midnight oil in the laboratory but I would only be a phone call away. Hoping you would let me write that book I always wished to write and dedicate it to you.
They say I won't meet you since I am selfish. They say you got to give a lot when in love and I am too thick skinned for that. They say my ideals are too good to be true to live alongside love.
If we never cross paths ever in life I hope this letter reminds me of you. Of the million things I wanted to do for you. You know I don't believe in Cinderella stories and always believed in the fact that I could write my own! Better than the tale of that lost shoe that would never fit me!
Perhaps, the day I dreamt of you that story began. I don't need to know your name to miss you or remember your face,to trace you in the moon! And sometimes wish upon a shooting star!
Our story began when I wrote that first poem for you. And I am waiting to read it to you someday.
If you don't come over to give an ear to my poem,I am sure I won't read it to anyone else on the face of this earth! I'll take it to my coffin, and that I know would be our happy ending!

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Anonymous said...

Romantic side of Rinzu :)
am sure a guy with his head and heart at the rt place will love to have a meaningful relation with you , others don't really matter .

I like the idea of being in love with love ..I wish you get to read this poem to him real soon and make this guy ginger tea even if he is not sick :):)