Monday, July 1, 2013

Marriage-Old Testimony

Marriage is a character
you play in a carnival of cliff hangers
you are sought for slavery,
you are the dwarf in the pictures
made to wear spineless stilettos.

Marriage is a question
answers ail to escape from your mouth
with choices that have no chance
you become the woman
behind the successful man
is there anyone telling on you?

Marriage is a nameless notation
your identity changes, then it irks
his wife, their mother
are the stale synonyms
you get,
attraction is you ally
then your enemy
your share home, bed
money and passwords
then you become the giver
while they take.

Marriage is a social cause
for Eve was made for Adam
not Adam for Eve,
she came out of his ribs
so she ought to drown
with him in the dust,
Marriage is a womb bought and sold
to tell of an Old Testimony.

First featured in Muse India here

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